Manolo Turns 1!

Venue: Urdaneta Village Clubhouse, Makati

There’s only one thing that comes into mind when thinking about Manolo’s 1st Birthday Party… COLORS! The Balloons, the stage, the centerpieces, the cake, the face paints, game booths, the food, everything was rich in color!  

Happy Birthday Manolo!


A really cool cake, Buzz’s plasma laser gun was revolving!

Best Buddies, Manoy and Matty 🙂

A Heartfelt Prayer for Manolo


The master magician who transformed a pigeon, into a duck, Figuratively and Literally! Hahaha!

The Balloonist who gave life to a lot of cartoon characters (elmo, ballerina, taz, and many more!)

Cheers to you Manolo! 🙂


Good thing the weather cooperated, here are some pre-party shots 🙂


About edicarlnew

Photography is not just about the camera and the settings, it's about capturing that "moment". Being a fan of capturing moments, I believe that social gatherings like birthdays, debuts or even weddings are the best times to capture those moments. And it would be my pleasure to capture those moments for you.

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  1. When my planner and i were brainstorming for the party, I asked for two things from her, lots of colors and lots of balloons. She was able to give me that plus more AND I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO CAPTURE THEM VIVIDLY and also plus more! hahaha… Thank you so much Edicarl!

  2. Lovely party!!! Can i ask for your party planners contact numbers?…

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