Exquisite Characters || Alvin+Jona Wedding

This particular wedding has an eccentric feel. It was simple, meaningful and unique, all at the same time. The couple, the entourage, the guests were all very Exquisite Characters, make sure to wear your “porma-casual” attire! 🙂

R.A.W. Really Awesome Weddings

The most comfortable wedding footwear 🙂

Sonya’s Garden is a Macro Lover’s Haven

With the “Sonya” of Sonya’s Garden

Of course they had Standees!

The GuestBook

The centerpieces showcased Lomo-Like Polariods of the couple.

Congratulations Alvin & Jona!

Here’s the Link to their Pre-nup Vintage Picnic

Alvin+Jona Wedding 1.30.2011
Venue: A house in Tagaytay, Sonya’s Garden
Texture Artist: Esme Fong
Photo: R.A.W. + Randell Liwanag + yours truly Ed New


About edicarlnew

Photography is not just about the camera and the settings, it's about capturing that "moment". Being a fan of capturing moments, I believe that social gatherings like birthdays, debuts or even weddings are the best times to capture those moments. And it would be my pleasure to capture those moments for you.

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