Incredible India + Amazing Thailand || Mumbai & Bangkok

5 weeks. 2 Locations. 1 Adventure.

Locations: Mumbai, India. Bangkok, Thailand. Gear: 1 HTC Desire HD Camera and 1 Rusty Old 450D with a 35mm F2

Hong Kong International Airport – Cathay Pacific, JULY 2011

I love being in airports, it makes me remember my childhood dream of becoming a Pilot.

The Noodles at the Pier Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge is the Shiznit!

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Navi Mumbai, India, just some 30 minutes away from the office

Food at the LTI Office canteen, dirt cheap! The Tea and newspaper is our daily digest served by Tams 🙂

 This is my favorite snack.. Nothing beats the most popular snack – CHAAT!

The usual daily food is Chicken, below shows the Menu.

I wanted to try something different so I had some Minty Pistachio Ice Cream.

The most common car here is “Maruti” Suzuki. Even with Motorcycles.

Folks usually take a walk after lunch to help them digest what they just had.

Traffic is really bad on rush hour – need i say more? 🙂

This is women’s fashion in India, They usually made of very soft fabrics.

Samsonite Bags are really cheap here when on SALE – Take note they are REAL!

I got a luggage worth P13,000 for the price of P6,000!

The picture on the right shows some artwork done and exhibited at the mall (EnOrbit Mall).

Baskin Robbins is still the best ice cream – I had one with very rich chocolate.

50% Discount + 50% Discount = 100% Discount! – Only in India! Technically it’s 75% off!

Harpreet and Walter posting on our raffle bet to win a TATA Brand Car. =)

Vada Pav, the vada is a mashed potato patty. Pav is a kind of bread that has its roots in Mumbai. (The word comes from the Portugese word “pão”, for bread). The potato patty is sandwiched in the bread. Liberal helpings of three kinds of chutneys (sauces) are also added to the sandwich to make a seriously tasty snack. It is widely available on the streets and most folks price it Rs 6 a piece.

You can’t leave India without trying Vada Pav (pronounced as VADA PAO!).

Butter Milk Drink – Sour like Milky Taste – It helps digestion and cools your body on Hot summer Days.

Vashi Train StationDestination Mumbai!

If you must transit during rush hour, avoid, at all costs, standing near the train car entry, as you will be swamped by a frantic, every man for himself, stampede of men attempting to get on the car. Take no offense if you are pushed and shoved about, as passengers jostle for a spot. As you near your exit station, ensure that you are as close as possible to the train door, as experienced commuters, will be begin the mad run to be first on, or off, the car before the car comes to a full stop! If you stand any chance of getting on/off before the train depart, you must be equally aggressive in your focus to exit/enter, remember no one will take offense if you make contact with others, as you wriggle by! Last, but not least, exiting/entering a train before it comes to a full stop is not something to be taken lightly, one misstep can send a person onto the rails with an amazing ease! Leave the stunts to the experienced locals.

Trains are the primary mode of transport across all India, if the Train System gets Paralyzed, the whole country would come to a halt!

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) building. aka. CST Station (Mumbai)

The ever reliable Rick-Shaw!

Street Girl selling some Independence Day merchandise, CST Area in Mumbai.

Happy Independence Day Mumbaikhars!

Tiny Classic Cab – with a Classic Fare System. I can’t believe it’s still running – FAST!

Gateway of India – the most recognizable symbol of the city.

It was built to commemorate the visit of the British Monarch King George V to India in 1911.

Gateway of India – with Walter, Chandu, Ramanuj and Harpreet.

The famous Taj Hotel (looks like the Taj Mahal). They say one night costs around $1500!

Took a ferry from Mumbai for about 2 hours and finally arrived at the Elephanta Island. Chandu and Ramanuj enjoying some Mangoes and Cucumbers with Chili Powder and Salt. It’s actually very delicious!

Some of the best corn that I had in my life! Here’s Walter enjoying his share.

Corn Vendor at Elephanta Island.

Elephanta Caves – most of the stone carvings here are made in the Image of Shiva (one of the popular Hindu Gods).

I also noticed a lot of foreigners, dressed in Indian clothing – what a cultural experience they’re having.

Enjoying some Kingfisher Beer and some snacks after a long walk around the Elephanta Caves.

That’s Ramanuj in the background!

After 2 hours of bumpy Ferry Ride we’re finally back in Mumbai and off to Colaba Street we go!

Leopold’s Cafe is “the restaurant”. The best meal I had in Mumbai.

We had some very yummy Lamb and Chicken.. I’m I get a chance to go back, I’d certainly go back to this Cafe.

No Kingfisher beers for now because we’re all still seasick from the ferry ride.

Pani Puri, For first timers, this can be seriously intriguing. The vendor hands you a plate. Next he takes a puri (it looks like a golf ball, but brown in color), makes a small hole in it, and dips the puri into two jars. These jars contain water — one tangy on a tamarind base, the other spicy on a mint base. He tops it off with some condiments and places the puri on your plate. You pick it with your hand and pop the whole thing into your mouth. The outcome is an explosion. Awesome. A word of caution here though. Make sure you don’t have your pani puri from just any vendor. The best vendors use only packaged water. Stick to that and enjoy the taste.

Here’s some Thali for you!

If you order a thali (translated as “plate”), you get a complete meal arranged on your plate, with a roti or chappati, rice, and many different varieties of curries and curd. This comes with Dessert!

Our last stop – the Marine Drive, Mumbai. It’s like Manila’s Roxas Blvd, but only longer and nicer. It has a curve shape.

They say it looks like a necklace from space.

Flew back home and arrived in Manila, and had to fly to Bangkok, Thailand the next day!

This is the hotel Limo, 5 or 7 series BMW?

Siam Kempinski Hotel – THE Best HOTEL EVER!

Had lunch with Khun Poonsri, Khun Supattra, Annie and Glofil.

The Cha-Yuen rocked! (Thai Iced Tea)

The best way to end a long day of work – Marvelous Cream!

Dinner at Ting Dai Fung

Annie is our official Foodie Guide!

Siam Paragon Mall, McDonald’s saying Sawat-dee-Khap! (Hello in Thai).

View from my hotel window – Siam Kempinski Hotel

Second time to take Thai Cooking Class with Sanusi Mareh – He’s the dude on the left. (Took a different course when I was in Bangkok in 2009?)

Silom Thai Cooking School

At the Thai Cooking Class – That’s Catherine on the Right, she’s a German Teacher who teaches English in Australia. The next two guys are Rick and Bob who went to thailand for work, they’re the bio-hazard guys from CDC (Center for Disease Control). The rest are some Taiwanese, French Ladies and some Germans from Munich. – Sorry I’m really bad with names.

Key Takeaway – in most Thai Dishes you only combine 4 things (Meat, Vegetable, Seasoning and Key).

Sweet and Sour Shirmp and

Chicken with String Beans in Peanut Sauce

Green Curry with Chicken and Rice

Sweet and Spicy Fried Fish

Mango with Sticky Rice

Grand Palace – the place that i’ve missed going to the last time I was in Thailand!

Chakri Maha Prasat Hall, Grand Palace

The Grand Palace has an immense size, so expect to spend at least a full morning or afternoon there. Within the palace grounds is Wat Phra Kaew, the most sacred Buddhist temple of Thailand. Unlike other temples, it is not one building, nor are there living spaces for monks. Instead, it is a collection of highly decorated holy buildings and monuments.

One of its buildings houses the Emerald Buddha, and while you might not expect it from its size, it is the most sacred Buddha image of Thailand.

Cha Soba at Chabuton Noodle Restaurant

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste – Very Good!

Banana-cue – thai style (no oil!)

Enjoying some Chang Beer while watching some football at the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Just waiting for my flight back to Manila.

Here’s some Golden artwork to end my trip/story to appreciate. Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand.

It’s an image of the King heading for battle.


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