Ed New Photography is not just about the camera and the settings, it’s about capturing that awesome “shot”.

I have been an aspiring photographer for what seems like forever.  When I was about 8 my mother lend me her p&s camera.  I instantly fell in love with photography.

Photography is my passion.  I am continually trying to learn, to see things in a new way and progress, to find who I am through my photography.

Landscape, Events, Corporate, Commercial, Travel, Fashion, Food, Industrial, Product, Black&White, Portraiture, People and Travel Photography are my interests.

My aim is to serve everyone to the best of my skills and knowledge by keeping in mind the satisfaction of my clients. If you’re interested in my services, please click the Rates Page.

In your service,

Ed New

Gear: Canon 5d Mark II | Canon 35  f1.4L | Canon 135 f2 L |Canon 430EXII |

Education/Training: Puy Talde’s Events Photography; Leo Castillo’s Photoworks 1; FPPF Basic Photography, Lighting and Portraiture; Jerome Albrando Introduction to Photography, Redsheep Experience, Affiliate Really Awesome Weddings.Com, RedsheepPhotoCinema.com and MyPhotato.com.

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