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Incredible India + Amazing Thailand || Mumbai & Bangkok

5 weeks. 2 Locations. 1 Adventure.

Locations: Mumbai, India. Bangkok, Thailand. Gear: 1 HTC Desire HD Camera and 1 Rusty Old 450D with a 35mm F2

Hong Kong International Airport – Cathay Pacific, JULY 2011

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Lookbook || Shai Lantican Couture Session

Ted (team mate in chevron, visiting from the US) specifically requested for a studio shoot, so we had one. With just a few days to plan it out, Jun managed to call Shai (Model), I was able to get in touch with Pam (HMUA) and Bulb Studio was booked in just about two days preparation. I made my shots to look like “lookbook” inspired by capturing some specific details but in a studio setting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out We have a lot of fashionable folks around the globe sharing their “looks”. I’m so looking forward to have a another lookbook session #2 outside the studio. =)

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A Merry Christmas Costume Party

System Integrity Christmas Party 2010
Organizing Team: Abby Yacat, Mark Torrijos, Joane Uy, Esme Fong, Yan Alisen
Location: Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila

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The Clutter Buster

I managed to pass some of my photos to the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) through the help of Kat Ong. It feels good to be featured! She’s awesome! 🙂

Location: Howard’s Storage Store (Robinson’s Manila 3rd Floor)

Mom’s Ilocos Trip

My mom’s been supportive of my weekend professional work, so I kind of figured to make this AVP about her recent Ilocos Trip a few months back. Enjoy!