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Randomness || Anthony & Mae Engagement

“Random” – is the only word i can think of for this photo shoot. Anthony & Mae’s engagement session is a mixture or a myriad of several different things that were put together. Things in which also somehow represents their personality. Tennis + Cars + Costumes + Vintage just to name a few.

Shot in Little Baguio in San Juan, we had different sorts of props, costumes, vintage cars, bikes at our perusal. Anthony & Mae surprised me each time they got out their dressing room. Sometimes I even held myself from smiling (as courtesy) with the new surprise they’ve just presented to me (note, we didn’t have any concrete talks about the theme before this shoot).

It’s Anthony & Mae’s very own special random theme. One thing’s for sure, their future kids will definitely notice how fun their parents are and get some good laughs when they see these photos. Enjoy! =)

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