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Army Love || Mike & Mizielle Wedding

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All Smiles || Paolo & Anna Wedding

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One for the Books || Jon & Grace Wedding Anniversary

Today, I’m excited to share to you Jon & Grace 1st Wedding Anniversary (slash Philippine Leg of their Wedding as The Couple tied the knot about a year ago in Hawaii). I’m such a sucker for Natural Light Shooting plus the Simple, Airy, Elegant theme of the celebration. It was just too fascinating to pass-up. Also, Jon and Grace were simply too good-looking to miss. Thank you very much for having us cover your event.

This event definitely one for the books. Enjoy the Photos. 🙂

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You’re my Firework || Joel & Apple Wedding

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Number 10 || Melvin & Karen Wedding

After almost a decade of being together, finally Melvin and Karen tie the knot. Congratulations Melvin and Karen!

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Shutterbugs || Paulo & Sittie Wedding

Both Paolo and Sittie are great travel photographers, they have a myriad collection of photos from different parts of the Globe.

Another thing that makes this unique is that this is a “Muslim” Wedding. Congratulations again Pao & Sittie!

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Growing Up Years || Richard & Wendy

This AVP was played during their wedding reception last November 13, 2011.

Congratulations again Chard and Wen! 🙂 Enjoy!

Classy Animation || Ernest & Janna Wedding

Early morning 9-10-11 wedding day, full of beautiful imagery. It’s a “Classy” Wedding. Ernest is a man full of ideal ideas. I really hope he’d become one of the future leaders of our country. Janna on the other hand has this classic taste. Starting from the venue down to the gown, and all the other details. They’re a very easy couple to shoot. Even at the end of their special event, they never ran out of energy to face the camera and still post or act for that matter. They’re so animated. Congratulations again Ernest and Janna! =) Thanks to the couple for having us. It was a fun day to end my last day as a 25-er. =)

Location: Manila Hotel, Manila Cathedral

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First Date || Gilbert & Sheryll Wedding

Everything fell into place on the very first date. Gilbert and Sheryll’s love story avp by Enzo really nailed it. It’s very easy to take pictures of Sheryll (bride), she’s a natural model/poser! She really likes to be in front of the camera. Very calm and poised. She’s a natural beauty queen. Gilbert on the other hand is a very reserved and calm man. And Did you know? Sheryll only saw her gown on her wedding day?! It was a pleasant surprised for her by her best friend and designer Richie Bondoc (Project Runway Philippines S2). Another thing that’s new for me is that there’s a Mexico in Pampanga (hometown of Sheryll). Ok enough with all the side stories. =) Without further ado, please enjoy the photos from the beautiful wedding of Gilbert and Sheryll! 🙂

Auxiliary Photography: New Light (Ed New Photo and Randell Liwanag)
Location: Caleruega and Spendido, Tagaytay

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Raining Genki Umbrellas || Alex & Krisel Wedding

I.T. is a small world after all. Two of my team mates from Chevron (Chris & Ritchell) are also guests in the wedding, as they are both with the same company as Alex before (HP). It was an afternoon with a lot heavy rains, but nothing’s gonna stop this wedding! Congratulations Alex & Krisel!
“Genki” means Healthy, so “Genki” Umbrellas are “Healthy” Umbrellas. 🙂

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